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We all love to make each other presents because to give is better than to receive.

Although normally we choose common day presents to give,

special, personally created gifts always prove to be the best avenue for delight.

For those people, of all ages and experience levels,

we would like to offer this unique opportunity to create gifts from natural materials on the pottery course.

With a desire to make ceramic art, to use a jigger-machine in addition to make and decorate unique handmade pieces, using a range of pottery techniques,

you will feel the creativity!

In the workshop we will provide clay, paint, brushes, and every kind of basic materials and tools needed.

You can have the chance to use an electric wheel and to kiln and to paint self-made or pre-made ceramics on the pottery course.

No previous experience with clay is necessary, expect enthusiasm and desire to create.

No equipment required.


Through my workshop you will experience the satisfaction of personal creativity

and the pleasure of small group cooperation.

The activities are 2,5 hours long.

The maximum group number is 6.

Our workshop is suitable for you wishing to understand all the processes to make and design your own ceramics.

You will learn how to use different methods to produce objects made from clay.

You will be introduces to several ways of appying decoration.

If you have an artistic soul and want to make your own pottery COME and JOIN in the FUN!

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